# Cloud sources

# Overview

Cloud sources are functionally comprised of either one or both of the following components: a “sync” component and a “streaming” component. They work together to populate logical collections of data based on upstream resource availability and following data normalization best practices. These collections may be based on user activity or objects (dimensional values that may be updated based on changes in state upstream).

# Using cloud Source data

In general, Intempt pulls all of the collections directly related to the customer experience. Intempt does not automatically pull all collections available from a partner API, since many aren’t relevant to the customer journey.

Contact Intempt support if you need additional data collected or to change the schema to do the analysis you want. We’d love to know what analysis you’re trying to run, what additional data you need, and we’ll share with the product team to evaluate.

# Syncing sources

You can enable a cloud source from the Intempt web app and grant Intempt access by pasting an API key or authenticating with OAuth. Intempt then starts a scheduled job on your behalf, which makes requests to the downstream tool, normalizes and transforms the data, and forwards that data to the Intempt API.

Cloud sources attempt to use as few API calls as possible, and only fetch data that changed since the last sync. The syncs might take a long time (especially on the first sync), so the cloud source syncs have additional configurations that allow you to set your source sync based on your requirements.

# Sync configurations:

  • Sync start date. Select a date from which the data will be synced with Intempt database. You can select a maximum a year period from the current date.

  • Sync intervals. Allows you to set in what time intervals you need to sinc your data. The minimum limit is 1 hour and the maximum - 24 hours.

  • Sync now. After pressing the button, it immediately syncs the data. There is a 1-minute threshold for the repeated action.

  • Update sync. Updates the sync interval to the selected configuration.


Note: we suggest setting up different sync times for your cloud apps, so won't overtax the system with a large number of queries at the same time.

# Set up a cloud source

To use cloud sources, we suggest going through the following steps.

  1. Go to the “Sources” (opens new window) on the Intempt console.

  2. Choose a cloud source, and click on it.


  1. Choose metric or segment templates (optional). Selecting these templates will automatically create segment/metric templates after you finish creating the source. Once the templates are created, you can edit them to speed up the configuration process.


  1. Enter your credentials or log in using OAuth.


  1. Choose your preferred source name and sync settings


# Troubleshooting cloud sources

The most common reason cloud sources have trouble because of authentication or permission issues. When the issue is related to authentication, you’ll see an “error” message in the Intempt console. When this happens, Intempt quits the process early and does not make any further attempts on any collections.

In addition, if the sync job fails due to an unhandled error or is hanging for too long, we’ll abort the job and report a failure.