# Autotrack for iOS

# Overview

Autotrack for iOS enables you to track user interactions within the iOS app automatically and visually manage the gathered data on the Intempt Console.

To enable the Autotrack feature, first, you need to set an iOS data source.

# How to Create a Source for iOS App

  • Go to Sources -> Click “Create source.”
  • Type in the source name
  • From the “Source type” dropdown, select “iOS App.”
  • Saving the “iOS App” source will generate a custom Source Token that you will need to input into your App SceneDelegate.swift (via Xcode 11.3 or above)


The iOS source implementation process is thoroughly documented [here] (https://github.com/intempt/intempt-intemptios).

After the tracker starts collecting data, you can begin creating events and segments based on the data input.

# How to Create an event from iOS App source

Events recorded by the IOS SDK tracker are broken down into 3 categories: scene, launch, and interaction events.

  • Interaction event. Aggregates all the “type” and “click” events. For example, the user clicks on a link, button, types a text into a form.
  • Launch event. Gathers data on the launch time (timestamp when the iOS app was opened), app name (e.g., Intempt Demo Shop App), iOS device (OS version, device name), geolocation (city, country) screen size (e.g., 667 x 376 px) also records unique visitorId and eventId values.
  • Scene event. Gets all the data from the UI structure - how and when (timestamp) your user transitions from one view to another. For example, the user goes from the main app view (Intemp_Demo_Shop.ViewController) to the login view (log_in.ViewController) – the event records this transition.


# Event values

To create an event, you need to select the event type and enter the string value of the Scene, Interaction, or Launch event. The value depends on the app configuration and event settings. For example, if you want to record an event when a visitor opens a login screen in the app, you set up a scene event with a value “log_in.ViewController”.