See how to deploy a Tracker, notification Pods, how to identify a visitor, track their products and revenue.

Real Time Data is Fuel

Intempt auto-captures rich visitor data, including browsing and purchase behavior, and uses those variables to build statistical models that determine future behavior patterns.

Targeting Clever Audiences

See how Intempt allows you to point and click to create events, predictive segments and visualize visitor journeys. All without writing a single line of code.

Working your Copy for the Win

With Intempt, you can communicate with your visitors using multiple variants and personalize messaging based on visitors’ individual traits (like name, location etc).

Analytics Gives You Confidence

See how Intempt collects data with every interaction and provides Event Analytics, Segment Analytics, Campaign Analytics, Funnel Analytics and Variant performance.

Styling made easier

Intempt simplified the process of creating campaigns for marketers and designers by introducing the concept of pods and templates.